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We specialise in breeding and crossing of the pure Chianina breed.

Crossing any British breed with a Chianina emphasises hybrid vigor, especially in terms of growth. The high lean meat to fat ratio in the carcass is exceptional. Despite its birth weight of about 50kg, the small head and slender of the Chianina calf makes for easy calving. In the F1 calf of a pure Chianina bull, the Chianina's black skin pigementation is dormant while its white coat colour is recessive so the dam's coat colour will prevail.

Chianina genetics reduce surplus fat in the calves, and decrease the incidence of genetic problems in the cross-bred offspring. Chianina bulls promote uniformity among their crosses - a desirable trait for feedlots and cattlemen seeking terminal sires. The Chianina has few genetic or phenotypic faults.

By combining its best with that of various other breeds, cattlemen are producing exceptionally marketable progeny. Using Chianina sires on cows of the Afrikaner, Brahman, Drakensberger, Tuli, Boran or other hardy tropical and veld-adapted breeds should produce superior weaners and steers for rounding off on grass. 

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